About Us
Who We Are

We are a group of simple people who are committed in taking part in the upliftment of the spiritual role in our Parish through our active participation in the Liturgy and in carrying out the devotion to our Blessed Mother and her Son, our model. The novena, rosary and our togetherness signify the symbol of God’s love. Likewise, our prayers and the services that we share with our neighbors – our family and community, give us a sense of experiencing the presence of God among us. 

We are composed of coordinators, volunteers, promoters and devotees touched and moved by the Holy Spirit as family - the Church

Volunteers/Promoters/Devotees either act as ushers, eucharistic ministers, lectors, novena/rosary leaders, or do copies of leaflets and booklets; provide candles and flowers; escort the Blessed Virgin Mary’s statue for the Cenacles with family and youth, set up the Image/altar for the Wednesday novena, provide music and participates in the choir, visit and bring communion to the sick, promote daily recitation of the rosary, and attend the Wednesday novena, etc. Everyone is welcome.